How to get your edits...

It's said that the quickest way to get your edits is to schedule a non-refundable family vacation.

This month I have *two* and an end of the month deadline.  (One vacay has been schedule for a year.)

I wish I were like this...

In all honesty, they edits are not that bad, just slow-going with the day job, and the commute, and Missy being on summer vacation, and our own vacays looming.  It's all very doable, I just have to keep chopping away at it knowing it will be done before the deadline (and to try not to stress or consume too much candy in the process).  I have a list of things I need to accomplish in the MS (I like lists).  I start with the easy things and work my way through it, crossing them off as I accomplish them. 

I will be taking my laptop (I always take my laptop, I am co-dependant on my laptop), and everyone knows I have a deadline, though I am looking forward to spending time with the fam and doing a little reading.  (I'm not posting a pic of the books I'm bringing because I'm embarrassed at how far behind I am). 

The suitcase is packed, as are the snacks, the carry on, and everything else.  Blog posts and such have been written and schedule.  I've charged all the electronics and found the cords.

I'm ready to roll...

But I think I may want to bring one more box of Sour Patch Kids. 

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