Bookstores are awesome

With all the bookstores around me closing, it makes me happy to see new bookstores opening, especially really neat indie bookstores.  Mysterious Galaxy opened a new store in Redondo Beach and on Saturday we trekked down there to see my friend Jeanne Stein who was signing Crossroads, the next book in her Anna Strong Vampire series.

  Missy is holding up a story Elizabeth and Anna's Big Adventure from the anthology  A Girl's Guide To Guns And Monsters.   Any resemblance between my daughter and the little girl in the story is a figment of your imagination.  ~grin~

The bookstore is amazing, though only being open a week hasn't gotten all their books yet.  Still we found a few on our want to buy list.  Yeah, bookstores are awesome. 

Afterwards we went crab finishing on the beach and Missy and the hubby wrote this in the sand.

So, what did you do this weekend?


Melissa Sarno said...

I love to hear about new bookstores opening. Especially indie ones. I'm trying to support as many small book shops as I can. Missy is adorable! :)

Melodie Wright said...

Hi Suzanne:

I've been lurking on your blog enjoying your vid posts. And
I gave you an award over the weekend! Stop by my blog to pick them up.

Inspired Kathy said...

I removed your blog from the Banned Books Giveaway Linky because I could not find a post. If you get one up please email me and I will readd you.