Friday Fun -- Covers & Our First Winner!

It's Friday, it's Friday!

So, have you joined our NaNo Cheaters club? (If you're doing NaNoWriMo "properly" you can still join in.) I'm running a month long program/contest mostly aimed at those who can't play my the NaNo rules but want to harness all that good energy. It's not to late to sign up!

I know we haven't even had our first check in, but I wanted to give out some random prizes to people who simply stepped up and set a goal.

People were picked randomly from the sign-up list (those of you who signed up via the comment box b/c you don't have a url were included too.)

Prize #1 -- donated by Susan Hatler An e-copy of THE BOYFRIEND BY-LAWS


Prize #2 -- a copy of THE LATTE REBELLION from my stash of awesome.


Winners, contact me to claim your prize. suzannelazear (@) yahoo

If you want to donate something to give away, we're still accepting prize donations.

So, on to the pretty, pretty 2012 debut covers that came out this week!!!

Everyone, have a great weekend and keep working on those goals.  1st check in is Monday!


Caroline Gerardo said...

I will donate a book or two.
How are you really doing?
I was up at 4:45 count is 14177 need to kick it this weekend

Suzanne Lazear said...

Carolina, that's fab. Thank you so much. Email me. I'm personally at 8735 which is great for me (I get most of my writing done on weekends).