Making NaNo Work For You Challenge Check in #1

Today is check in #1 for our Making NaNo Work For You Challenge.

First off, check and see if you were one of our Friday winners.

Also, everyone participating qualifies for free shipping from ViS Emporium. Code: InnocentNaNo Look at their cute stuff! Wasn't that nice of them?

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We've got some prize updates...and the prize packages will continue to change. We're still accepting prize donations.

Grand Prize
20 page critique from me (or an extra book from my stash of awesome)
Ring from ViS Emporium
Book from my stash of awesome
Innocent Darkness Swag
$5 Starbucks card
Special mystery prize

1st Prize
Necklace from ViS Emporium
Book from my stash of awesome
Innocent Darkness Swag
Special mystery prize

Bonus Prize #1
Steampunk pin/pendant from Steampunk Sweethearts

Bonus Prize #2
Your very own stone pet.

Book prizes have been donated by
Susan Hatler
Rebecca Ryals Russell
Veronica Blade

So, how's everyone doing?

Here's my personal NaNo progress -- my goal: Write the sequel to Innocent Darkness

Things started off slow, but I've been trying to pack in the words when I can, since sometimes writing is hard with the job/fam. This way I have a hedge against lean writing days.

Day Count
Day 1 925
Day 2 1504
Day 3 3430
Day 4 3438
Day 5 3894
Day 6 3654

Total words so far: 17555

How are you all doing? I am proud of each and every one of you for making a goal and working towards it. Keep it up. Even if last week didn't work out how you wanted, keep going. If last week was great, try to match or beat it.

If you need some inspiration, the Happily Ever After Blog checked in with some romance writers participating in NaNo.

Here's the check in form. This will all be between you and me. However, feel free to share your trails and tribulations with us in the comment box.

Have a great week and write on!


RayDean said...

Enjoying the write ins here in Hawaii... our ml is FAB and a good friend...

have discovered some new steampunk friends and introduced a few folks to the genre :D

Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka said...

Last night was a bad one for me, I got less than 1k :( But before that I was averaging about 2300 a day, so I'm just trying to kick things into high gear. One of the big problems with using NaNo as my "experimental" phase is that experiments bring more self-doubt to the table. I need to smother that voice and I think I'll do better. (That, and once I send of Badlands 2, I'll do better LOL.)

Julianne said...

I don't normally do NaNo, but I'm working on a steampunk novella, hoping to have the first draft (finally) finished by early December. *nods* so that's what I'm looking at this month, between edits on several other projects. Good luck to all on your projects.