NaNo Challenge Check in #3

First off, I apologize for my lateness, I've been under the weather, plus dealing with all the usual holiday madness. (Note to self: going to Trader Joe's before breakfast = bad)

Were you one of Friday's Winners?

Due to the holiday, I'll announce this week's winners next Monday with the new check-in next Monday.

Also, who's up for a NaNoFinMo challenge in December -- as in let's finish our novels before Christmas, and possibly a NoNoEdMo in Jan to get them all shiny??

My week was....well, it was okay. I had hoped to reach 50k by the 20th and didn't. I'm just not getting the time and the words just aren't coming as quick as I've reached the point where I no longer know exactly what's going to happen next.

Here's my wordcount:

Day 14 762
Day 15 1774
Day 16 2419
Day 17 2577
Day 18 705
Day 19 1167
Day 20 1417

Week total: 47192

Without further ado, here's your check in form. Remember, checking in = chance to win prizes. (Regardless of how you did this week).

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