NaNoFinMo Check in #2 and Winners

I apologize for forgetting to post the winner for check in #1. 

Remember, each week you check in makes you eligible for a prize and gets you an entry in the grand prize drawing at the end of the month.

Prize for check in #1 -- surprise of awesome

Congrats.  Email me at suzannelazear (@) yahoo to claim your prize. 

Now on to NaNoFinMo Check in #2

I finished my (third round of) Elfpunk edits and shipped that off to my agent of awesome. 

I finally got back to my sequel.  I reread everything I'd written so far to get back in the game.  Chapter One makes me sob.  I actually *cut* words as I re-read.  Now it's back to drafting, let's see if I can get this draft finished by the end of the month.

How did you do??  

Check in by leaving a coment below.

Write on and have a great week! 


krieli1 said...

I edited/rewrote twenty pages on Saturday. Cutting words hurts!!!

This is Kristen R, by the way, signing in with my new blog ID, so I'm not sure how it'll show up:)

Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka said...

I'm still trying to reach "the end". I crossed 72k last night, so in the last 12 days, I've added about 15k. Not stellar, but it's still moving :)

Anne Francis said...

I managed to salvage two chapter's worth of goodness from three raw, Nanowrimo chapters. It was slow going, but I'm fairly pleased with the result. Would like to pick up the pace this week.

Tristina said...

I reached the climax of my WIP, stared at it, and realized I needed an outline. So I wrote a 6K outline of the whole book and THEN broke 50K on the WIP.

Trying to get as much done before my crit partner goes out of town on Friday for the holidays and won't have internet access for 2 weeks!

Lelah said...

Wrote about 4K this week, so about 11K from the end, with 10 days to go. Am traveling for a funeral this week, so we'll see if I can keep up the pace!

tinachristopher said...

I managed to add 3k to my steampunk story, but discovered I may have to dump the 20k of my other story. The way I have it planned right now it doesn't work.

Basically chipping away at it.