NaNoFinMo Check in #3 and Winners

NaNoFinMo Continues!  Keep checking in, everyone. I am so proud of you.  Just keep swimming. 

Last week's winner is:

Tristina!  You win a query crit (or a surprise of awesome)

Every week you check in makes you eligible for prizes, both weekly and at the end of the month.  You check in by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post.

How is everyone doing goal-wise?

I turned a major corner plot-wise this week in the sequel.  I think I *just* might be able to power through this.

However, if though I know what's happening next I am having trouble gathering the will-power to sit down an write.  There is so much to do this time of year.  Even my lunch times, which is when I get a bulk of my writing done during the week, have been annexed for office holiday parties (Three times this week I have to give up my lunch writing, though I did get a free lunch in trade.) 

Hopefully I can re-focus this week and really hammer some things out.

How did your week go?  Did holiday plans derail it or are you still plugging along?  

Write on!


Lelah said...

Last week I was able to write almost 6,000 more words to finish my draft! It's a little shorter than I anticipated, but I will probably be adding things in the rewrite. Thanks for helping me focus to get the draft finished!

Tristina said...


Okay, I don't have a query...YET. I'm only halfway through my WIP - which is my progress report.

DONE WITH PART ONE at 65K words! Onto Part Two and the final half of the first book!

Then revisions and writing my query.

Okay, so surprise of awesome I guess unless you want to crit part of my WIP instead?

Your choice, m'lady.

Anne Francis said...

Congrats on the corner turning, Suzanne, despite the holiday distractions! The holiday season is definitely negatively impacting my productivity. That said, I did manage to edit one more chapter of the WIP and also added 1,000 words to a short paranormal romance I hope to shop around soon (95% done). I also jotted down an idea for a new book that hit me out of the blue mid-week. So, not a ton of writing, but some good baby steps.

TinaChristopher said...

Well done for turning that corner.

I've added over 6k to one WIP, which brought me very close to the end, and about 2k to my other WIP. The second is being somewhat stubborn, but I am hoping to whip it into shape sooner rather than later.

Happy Writing!

Julianne said...

I'm pushing 40k and am down to the finish line (AKA the wrap up chapters). So, woohoo! I might not finish by Christmas or New Years, but probably definitely before the end of February... Which is right on schedule. :)

Happy writing all, congrats to all who accomplished your goals, and have a wonderful holiday!