Final NaNoFinMo Check In!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope everyone had a happy and productive holiday. 

The winner from last week's check in is...

Tina Christopher

Please contact me to claim your prize.

I made very good progress over the holiday.  I finished my rough rough draft of Book 2. ~whew~ I need to do a little cleaning up and filling-in of blanks then I'll be shipping it off to a couple of trusty betas.  I really *tried* so so hard to have it end in a specific place, but it just refused.  Hopefully that will end up for the better...

Books really do take on a life of their own...for me at least.

Thank you so all of you who participated in NaNoFinMo!  I am so proud of you.

Regardless of whether or not you checked in at all over the course of the month, please leave a comment below for our final check in for a chance to win! (Those of you who diligently checked in will be rewarded, you get entry for each time you checked in). 

How did you do? 


ladonna watkins said...

I'm glad you finished your rough rough draft of Book two. I can't wait to read that one as well.

Tristina said...

Great job on finishing your rough draft!

I finished Draft One of my first full-length manuscript! It clocked out around 108K words, but I've already shaved it down to 105K and my CPs are busy going through it now.

So exciting!

Anne Francis said...

Hi Suzanne, Congrats on finishing your rough rough draft. I basically abandoned series book 2 (started during nanowrimo) in favor of finishing the smaller PNR. The latter piece is finished. I also started another edit pass on series book 1. Thanks for this check-in. It sure helped me stay motivated during the holiday month!

TinaChristopher said...

Thanks for the prize, I will email you. Congratulations to everybody who finished their projects. I did, too. The crappy first draft for my erotic futuristic story is done and I'm hoping to finish my steampunk story by the end of the month. The check-ins definitely helped, thank you, Suzanne.