Friday Fun and News and Stuff

Happy Friday, everyone. ~launches cupcake cannon~

Are you on Figment Fiction?  It's this awesome new online writing community where you can write, read, and interact with authors.  I just joined.

What book do you think is a "must read" for everyone?  Me and a few other authors talk about it here. 

Innocent Darkness is up on Indie Bound.

Innocent Darkness is also up for pre-order on Barnes and Nobles for $5.  Yeah, $5.  Not sure how long they'll have it at the price.  Nook people -- if you want this on Nook, make sure you press the "request as Nook Book" button.

I will be at BEA, not sure when.

I'll also be at the RT Booklovers Convention.  I'm running the YA Slumber Party and the Gaslamp Social. 

Here's some debut cover love:

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Anyone have any fun plans? 

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ladonna watkins said...

I can't wait to read the book, Suzi. I really am so happy for you. You are a talented writer and I wish you all the best. Go get 'em and send a copy to your teacher. ;)