Updates and kind words

There's still time to win a tiara, cupcake stickers, and other goodies.  All you have to do is be a fan of my facebook page.  As it get's closer to the book release there will be more and more really terrific contests and stuff for everyone over there.

Something for the international folks -- Innocent Darkness is up for pre-order on the Book Depository for $7.50 -- with FREE world-wide shipping.

Are you a member of get glue?  Guess what?  Innocent Darkness has a page.   

I'm working hard on Book 2, which is due at the end of the month.  So far my favorite line is "It's Shakespeare, you heathen."

I'm also having a ton of fun with mixing in a little alternate history.  What if Hawaii stayed a nation?  What if Deseret was actually (much smaller than proposed) territory?  What if the Mormon Battalion decided to chase air-pirates?

Steampunk is about the "what might have been" and "never was but could have" and it's neat to create little alternate bits and threads in stories.

I do have to say writing book 2 is a very different experiance than book 1.  When writing book 1 I hadn't discovered twitter.  I could do a whole blog post on how much twitter impacted book 2...

I'm going to be not just at RT and RWA, but at BEA and ALA.  I don't have many details yet, but I'll update things as I have info over at http://suzannelazear.com/.

Anyone going to RT?  The YA Midnight Slumber Party is going to rock.  Just saying.

Speaking of saying...people are starting to say good things about INNOCENT DARKNESS which makes me feel all warm and squishy inside...

Take this one from the amazingly awesome Urban Fantasy author Jeanne Stein.  

"Never bargain with a Fairie queen. It's the lesson Noli and her friend V learn the hard way in Suzanne Lazear's debut novel, Innocent Darkness. A beautifully depicted glimpse into an alternate world where faery trees grant wishes but love is the strongest magic of all." -- Jeanne Stein, author, The Anna Strong Chronicles


I love her to bits, and admore her greatly and the fact that she said such great things makes me soon. 

I want to just hug this quote to bits and bits. 

So, since my birthday is next month I was going to so some special things...any ideas??

Have a great week everyone.

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