Guess what's on Netgalley?

Book 2 was turned in last night, I get copy edits next week.

Look what my publisher tweeted:

Yes, ARCs for INNOCENT DARKNESS have entered the building.

It's also up on Netgalley. 

I'm both excited and nervous, because ARCs mean people are going to read it.  People who don't love me.  People who don't even know me.

But as scary as the prospect is, this means I'm one step closer to having INNOCENT DARKNESS out in the wild. 

And.  My name!  MY NAME IS ON A COVER.  (Take that high school guidance counselor).

~does cupcake happy dance~

Okay, squee over, back to your regularly scheduled Thursday...

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Graeme Ing Ing said...

Fantastic! You must feel on top of the world! Book to sub,itted already, but you were only working on it a couple of months ago, on the first draft! It's done? Wow. I can't wait to read ID.