It's Friday!

Whew!  It's Friday.  Everyone do the happy dance. 

I'm gearing up for all the *stuff* I'm going to be doing as I get closer to my release date.  That includes ordering swag.  These are my magnets.

I have been known to randomly give away stuff on my author page, and I do a special giveaway each month on the 8th (since the book releases on the 8th).  If you haven't liked it, you may want to....

Here's some more pretty, pretty covers that were released this week.

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?  Since I turned in book 2 and get copy edits next week I'm going to have a little fun and go to Kim Harrison's book signing on Sat.  I feel like I don't get to nearly enough book signings, since during the week is really hard for me with the fam and the day job and everything.  I'm really looking forward to this one, since I really admire Kim and she hasn't been to LA in *forever.*

Have a great weekend!

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