Oh the pretty ARCS!!!

Look what the mailman brought me this weekend!

I have to say, seeing a *real* paper copy of the book *I* wrote with *my* name on it is an incredible feeling.  I just want to pet it.  I keep looking at it and thumbing through it. 

I only have two copies.  However, I will be giving one away in a really big contest in April over on the Steamed blog as part of Steampunkapalooza.  Paper ARCs are golden cupcakes, there aren't a ton of them, so this contest will not be easy,  But it will be fun. 

Both Missy's birthday and my birthday are coming up, so look for some easy giveaways soon.  There may also be some random author page and twitter giveaways, too...can we say birthday goodybags?

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I have to get back to those copy edits.  

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