If you've pre-ordered Innocent Darkness...

Have you pre-ordered INNOCENT DARKNESS?

If so, I thank you. 

Pre-ordering (either online or through your favorite indie) is really helpful to authors because it lets bookstores and publishers know people actually want to read their book. 

Requesting it through your local/school library is also helpful (and free.). 

If you've pre-ordered INNOCENT DARKNESS, email me a copy of your order (you can black out the sensitive stuff) and your name and address and I'll send you a signed book plate. Let me know who to sign it to. I don't have them yet, but they'll be pretty.  (This is open internationally.)

I know not everyone can (or likes to) pre-order, so I'll do the bookplate thing again at another time, so you all have the chance to get one if you'd like. 

I just wanted to thank everyone who has pre-ordered it so far. It means a lot to me.  ~group hug~

Have an awesome long weekend.


Graeme Ing said...

Awesome! How does this work if we preorder through amazon?

Suzanne Lazear said...

Same way, just email me the confirmation #, where to send the bookplate, and who to sign it to. Thanks!