The never ending hide and go seek copy edits of doom

Here are the winners of the two goody bags of adult books from RT:

Lauren Geoff and Naomi Hopkins

Congrats.  Please email me at suzannelazear (@) yahoo to claim your prize.

I am very pleased to tell you that the never-ending hide-and-go-seek copy edits of doom have been turned in.

~launches cupcake cannon~

I was sent a hard copy and told to send my notes back as a Word Doc.  I made the mistake of writing on the MS thinking I'd then put it in a Word Doc instead of typing my notes as I went along.

Yeah.  That took  forever.  Not doing that again.

I also don't think my copy editor expected 21 pages of notes.

But I meant it when I said I wanted to write the best possible book I could for you.  In a little more than two months--yes, TWO, until it's out in the world ~bites nails~  This was my last change to fix anything.  From here it goes to print.

You know who ARCs say they're "unedited review copies"?  Every house is different in the process, but with my house, the ARC was really and truly unedited.

What I sent to my editor last September after my edit letter was what they printed in the ARC.  Sure, I read it, my betas read it, but there's nothing like a professional copy editor to really point out inconsistencies, issues, and exactly how many times you used the same exact phrase. She pointed out things I'd never even noticed, especially when it came to Noli. When you've lived with a story for years (and I wrote this in 2009) it can be hard to see things clearly--which is where a fresh set of trained eyes can be really valuable (and betas, I love my betas). 

Line edits and then copy edits came after the ARCs were out. If I'd have known that I might have bribed someone with cupcakes to run my manuscript through grammar boot camp.

Still, the important thing is, they're done, and with those two steps I know the story is so much stronger for you.  As much as I love having contests and talking to you all on social media, my job is to wrote you the best story I can.

It's not that anything super major has been changed but all those small things can make a big difference. 

Now...time to tackle that book 2 edit letter.  Just wait until you see what happens to Noli, V, and the gang...

Have a great week everyone! 

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Jessica said...

Congrats on finishing that round of edits! *catches slightly mushed cupcake and grins* I promise to read my ARC, not judge, and then also read the finished product! :)