My very first signing is today!!

Today I have a meet and greet at the Flux booth at 2:30.  I will have *very special swag*at the meet in greet--something NO ONE has seen yet.

I also have a signing at 4 pm at Table 11. There will be ARCS!  ~squee~

It's my *very first signing*  (and I'm secretly terrified no one will come and it'll be me and a pile of books).

Still, I'm pretty excited, I'm just sad the hubby got busy and couldn't finish my cupcake cannon.  Alas, maybe for ALA.

Just a reminder, I will not be at the Apocolypsie party, due to schedule conflicts. There will be swag, but not as fun as what I'll have at the Flux booth meet and greet.

Come by if you can.  I'd love to see you.