In The Wild Photo Contest Winners

Thank you so much to everyone who helped spread the word about INNOCENT DARKNESS. If you're part of the Airship Squadron, make your you check in and tell me what you did so you can be entered to win more things!

If you previously tweeted or facebooked a picture of INNOCENT DARKNESS you still have time to get a free signed bookplate - send me your address at suzannelazear (@) yahoo

Now, on to the photo contest winners. The following people each a book from my stash of the awesome!

Casey Cassidy 
Rachel Brown
Carina Olsen 
Vivien Propst
Erin Sawyer 
Alli Bowen
Sarah Weiss
Stephanie Trujillo
Sarah Evans
Destiny Philipose
Maddie Meylor

Thanks everyone! You are awesome!


americangirlemmie said...

Yay! Thank you so much! Will you email me? -Maddie

May-Day_Aura said...

*squee* I'm so excited! Thanks for the contest!

SJune said...

Woohoo! Im so excited. Thanks!!

Carina Olsen said...

YAY! Thank you so much :D So excited. <3

Vivien said...

Thanks and congrats!!

Lexa Cain said...

How adorable, Suzanne and congrats to the winners. But I wanna see those 'wild' pics! :-)

Suzanne Lazear said...

Ypu're welcome everyone. I will try to ship everything out next week!