One for the bucket list

My apologies for being so quiet. There's a lot going on right now. Also, if I owe you prizes, don't fret, they're still in my living room waiting to be mailed.

 I've wanted to be a writer for a long time, like early elementary school long time. When I was growing up I spent a lot of time (and baby-sitting money) in my favorite place, Changing Hands Bookstore, and awesome indie new and used bookstore in Tempe, AZ.

 The very first book signing I ever attending was at Changing Hands (Ann M. Martin). I remember looking around the the line of people going "some day I'm going to sign my book here."

On September 15, 2012, that dream came true. I loaded the hubby and Missy in the car and we drove to Arizona so I could have a signing of my very own. Words can't express how excited I was. This was my dream...and it was about to come true.

 My mom baked 13 dozen cupcakes. I agonized over what to wear. She invited all her friends. I reached out to some of my old teachers and my friends who still live there.

All the while I was wondering what if no one comes? After all, I've been gone about 15 years (though I still consider it home.)

I was floored (and humbled) by the turn out. Old friends (you know, the kind who you've known since elementary school and know all the good stories) sat in the front row. All my mom's friends came. Kids I babysat (and are now young adults and beyond) came, some even with their parents. My third grade teacher had tears in his eyes. The librarian from my old high school had be sign books for the library and school archive. Local author friends showed up. So did book bloggers and people I didn't even know. It was hard to believe that everyone was there for me.

The love in that room was amazing. I felt honored and privileged that so many people wanted to share this with me.
We ran out of books--which is a good problem to have, since we were only a couple short, not a lot short.

That Monday I went to my old high school and did my first ever school visit (I'll do a post on class visits soon, I know some of you were interested.) Where my English teachers are all gone, my biology teacher was there there, which was how I'd gotten invited. It was neat to stand in front of honors students, students just like me, and tell them that not only did I achieve my dream, but that I felt what I learned there really helped. (I did not realize how unusual and awesome my English teachers were until I was in Grad school.)

Going home for that signing and school visit was amazing. I have crossed something off my bucket list. Wow.

Now...what do I add to replace it?


Allison Medina said...

Wow, that is just awesome. I wish that could happen to me!!!!! Congrats on accomplishing what you have always wanted. Btw, traveling the world Is always good on a bucket list. My bucket list is pretty long, cruise, Europe, 7wonders, visiting all the Disney theme parks, write a book, go down route 66, ..there's a lot more. Lol

Andrew said...

That is so amazing! Wow! Sounds like an amazing and awesome time. :D