As some of you know, I'm part of Team TEEN Author. 

One of the things we do is have dare days and specific post topics.

This month is a dare month. The three dares we had to choose from were:

1) Cover your face with peanut butter and take a picture.
2) Write your most embarrassing moment from your teen years Shakespearean style.
3) post pictures and other links all about your celebrity teen heartthrob crush from middle school/high school. Your own Justin Beiber so to speak.

I chose #3. Missy is allergic to peanut butter and well, I'd rather not remember my embarrassing teen years. 

When I was in high school, I had a huge celebrity crush on Chris O'Donnell. I didn't have posters of him on my wall or in my locker, I wasn't that kind of girl. But I did think I would have been a much better choice for Batgirl than Alicia Silverstone. 

I adored the movie Circle of Friends and I wanted to smack Nan for trying to force sweet Jack to marry her instead of Benny.

But ultimatly, it was his role as Robin in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin I loved best. After all, there's something about a man in uniform. .

Many other authors on the "team" have done dares. However, the best thing is that this month we're having a CONTEST, with TONS of great stuff for you to win. Want to win? The form and all the rules are over at Julie's blog, since she's our fearless leader.


Jack said...

I remember those movies. Batman scared me, but Robin at least lightened things up a little. "Holey Rocks, Batman!" "What?" "The rocks, they're full of holes." LOVE that line even now.


Froze8 said...

I think the peanut butter one would be hilarious! I should dare people to do this...