Happy New Year and Stuff

Happy New Year!

 Once, way back in 2007 I made it my New Year's resolution to write an entire book. That year I completed four manuscripts (they were pretty bad, lol). In 2010, I decided that this year I was going to sell. (And I did.)

 But this year...

 Despite good things, like INNOCENT DARKNESS finally coming out (27 months after selling), 2012 was a super rough year personally. Really, all I want is for 2013 not to suck.

 I'm not making any resolutions. But I have plenty of things to work on -- like finishing up FRAGILE DESTINY (AC #3)...and maybe writing something about Charlotte and James...

 I have several sekrit projects in everything from the draft stage to, as soon as I delete this plot thread it goes to the agent of awesome. I'd also like to keep up with mailing things and blogging better. We'll see how that goes, since one thing I learned in 2012 is that life happens. A lot.

If your New Year's resolution involves writing YA, I have a new online class starting today -- you should check it out.

 If you live in the Los Angeles Area, I'm part of a really neat writing event in Burbank on January 10. Details here.

 What are your goals/resolutions/wishes for 2013?

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Jack said...

I hope this year is better for you, and that you are able to finish book three.

Happy New Year to you!