YA Writing Conference this Saturday!

Changing Hands Bookstore presents

8:30am-3pm SATURDAY, JANUARY 26

 Dobson High School
1501 W. Guadalupe Rd, Mesa AZ 85202 


Ten authors of young adult fiction, including several New York Times bestsellers, share strategies, tips, and tricks for writing engaging work for tween and teen readers. You can choose three of four informative sessions to fill your three-session schedule, including "Unforgettable Characters," "Heroes vs. Villains," "Writing Realistic Dialogue," and "Essentials of SciFi/Fantasy." 

Presenters include authors Suzanne Young, Shannon Messenger, Tom Leveen, Erin Jade Lange, Cecil Castellucci, Suzanne Lazear, Amy Fellner Dominy, Laura Ellen, C. J. Hill (a.k.a. Janette Rallison), and James A. Owen.
Conference fee includes box lunch from Dilly's Deli and three of four classes offered. Registration and pre-payment required at 480.730.0205.


Choose three
  • UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS | When it comes to creating a truly unforgettable character it's almost always because the writer knows the character intimately. Explore your characters with young adult authors, Shannon Messenger (Keeper of the Lost Cities), C. J. Hill/Janette Rallison (Erasing Time and My Unfair Godmother) and Amy Fellner Dominy (Audition & Subtraction). Together they will give you a slew of methods on how to develop strong, multidimensional characters, and create a deeper connection between your characters and readers.
  • HEROES VS. VILLAINS | "Percy Jackson vs. Gossip Girls" — The hero (protagonist) and the villain (antagonist) are the two most important characters in stories. They have opposing goals and are bound through conflict. Young adult authors Cecil Castellucci (Year of the Beasts) and James A. Owen (Dragons of Winter) will teach you how to develop compelling heroes and villains that will lasso your readers and never let them go!
  • WRITING REALISTIC DIALOGUE | "Write the Talk" — Anyone can write "dialogue" but writing good dialogue is not easy. Everyday conversations, in real life, don't necessarily work in a novel. Ironically, real life dialogue can be disjointed and boring at times. In this in-depth workshop, young adult authors Laura Ellen (Blind Spot), Tom Leveen (Party) and Erin Jade Lange (Butter) will give you techniques on how to create "artful deception"—writing dialogue that doesn't exist in nature, but gives the flavor or illusion of a real conversation.
  • ESSENTIALS OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY | "Developing New Worlds"— Science Fiction and Fantasy are popular genres, but it can be tricky for writers to create whole new worlds or fanciful creatures that readers will find believable. Young adult authors Suzanne Young (A Want So Wicked) and Suzanne Lazear(Innocent Darkness) give writers a look at the fundamentals of these two genres and share techniques on developing imaginative settings and winning story ideas.


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