Changing Hands Yallapalloza and Group Story

I recently returned to my hometown bookstore Changing Hands for a YA writers conference and Yallapalloza -- an awesome event with 14 authors.

I love doing events at Changing Hands because I practically grew up in that bookstore. The event was awesome (and my High School English teacher came. He bought my book. Eeep. My English teacher is reading my book. That makes me a little nervous.)

One of fun things we did was divide the audience into seven groups, with 2 authors leading it, and we created a story with each person writing one sentence.

My group was group was led by TEAM SUZANNE (myself and Suzanne Young). Here is our group story.

Selkie, After

The water rushed over my toes as I blinked away tears in my last moment before. Things would never be the same. 

From the corner of my eye I could see the cell phone blinking a new message at me. If I acknowledged the call they would know I was back. If I didn't answer they might send someone to find me. 

I gulped, bracing myself for the worst and answered. "Hello?"

"Where are you?" a gruff voice rasped over the speaker. "You were supposed to meet us two hours ago."

Tears plinked down my cheeks. "Tell them I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry." 

The phone fell to the ground as I entered the waves, loosing myself in the ocean. Down into the cold blue sea I sank. 

Was it enough I was a selkie, never risking my seal skin so I could walk as a human on land? 

I hesitated. 

Then, I gave myself to the sea, letting destiny run it's course. 

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