Why do writers write?

My daughter is studying writing and authors in school. She recently brought home a worksheet that asked "why do writer's write."

I started to ponder this. Writers write for so many reasons. We write because we have a story to tell. We write because the voice in our heads compel us. We write because we can't imagine not writing. We write to push boundaries, create new worlds, and explore what if.

This wasn't what the teacher wanted.

Apparently writers write to entertain or to inform.

Where I hope my stories entertain, I never saw this as being the sole point of my writing.

Whoops, writer fail.

I wonder if actual writers write these worksheets?

So, why do you write?

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Britney Gulbrandsen said...

Interesting. I definitely don't write purely to inform or entertain. I do write middle grade books for boys, so I want to write books that give young boys something funny and entertaining to read so they want to read more and cultivate a love of books. But mostly I write because I love it. It makes me happy and I can't picture my life without putting my words on a page. I love to explore what if and to create SOMETHING out of NOTHING. That's why I write!