Reoccurring themes...

I write very fast, and I write a lot. I have TONS of stuff, that you'll probably never ever see.

I've noticed that there are often reoccurring themes across the many stories I've written. These are all unintentional.

1) My characters eat a lot of cake and/or bake
2) They often play musical instruments, usually the piano, which I don't actually play (I play the flute)
3) Most of them start off liking the color blue (one of my fave colors)
4) They tend to be good at some king of dancing (I was a competitive dancer)
5) They have long hair
6) They like to read

What sort of reoccurring themes do you see in your writing?


Leeanna said...

1. Readers
2. Smart
3. Loners

Every time I try to make a character I swear they have at least those four characteristics. Probably more, but those are the ones I thought of first.

Leeanna said...

Also, want your ability to write fast! I write like a damn snail.

tawney13 said...

Mine are klutzy. It seems every story either my girls are klutzy or badass. Complete opposites. I write fast too but now with my sister as co-author even faster!!!