Where do writers go to research?

So, I was helping Missy with her homework, and she's still learning about authors and writers and such (also libraries).

The funny worksheet question of the day? When authors need to research they____________

Ask everyone on Twitter and Facebook wasn't the right answer.

Google. Yep, not the answer.

The answer was they go to a library.

This had me in hysterics. Where I utterly adore libraries, I have never actually gone to a library to do book research (though I have used books).

This makes me wonder how technology has changed the way authors write. I'm not sure how I'd write without the internet. When drafting, I'm often working on my laptop while researching on my phone. How long would it take me to write if I had to stop and drive to the library every time I needed to know something? How much would my creative process change if I couldn't twittersource things or get an instant answer from the interwebz?

Once again, I wonder who writes these worksheets.

Where do you go for research?

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Lexa Cain said...

I definitely do the net search thing. Libraries are cool, but I don't do research in them. Too slow. The worksheet reminds me of hearing that kids in high school were allowed to use calculators in class rather than figuring math problems by hand.
Fun post! :-)