I'm looking for a few good recruits!

Hi Everyone!

Some of you know I have an Airship Squadron, these cadets are amazing and have worked hard to promote INNOCENT DARKNESS and the Aether Chronicles series.

Well, CHARMED VENGEANCE is releasing in about three months (eep), and I'm looking for a few new recruits for the Airship Squadron (if you're already on board, you're fine! You don't need to do anything, but feel free to apply for first mate or skipper).

A Street Team is a group of fans who push a writer’s book. They hunt out places in the real world and online and to promote my books and me. These would be brick-and-mortar book stores (both chains and indies), libraries, websites, blogs, bookclubs, and good old word-of-mouth. Basically, the Airship Squadron flies around creating buzz about the Aether Chronicles series—both INNOCENT DARKNESS and the upcoming CHARMED VENGEANCE. It’s a grassroots form of promo and you’ll get a stash of goodies to help you.

This year I’m going to structure it to make it easier for you to do as much as you want (and make it easier for me so I can write more.)  Take a look at the following positions on the ship and see what works best for you! The goodies you receive will vary depending on your position. These positions will be for CHARMED VENGEANCE, you will have the opportunity to raise or lower your position for book 3.

First Mate
How many? 1

Duties: Oversee this airship. Hunt for cadets, keep a database of crewmember addresses and emails. Communicate with cadets. Stay in contact with me (especially in the two months before and three months after a book comes out.) Help promote events, etc.

Prizes: Aviator cap, “first mate” badge, and dinner or lunch with me at some future event we’re both at TBD. Also, all skipper and cadet prizes.


How many? Quite a few. One for every country outside the US. Two for Canada (one east, one west), two for each US time zone.
            1.       Eastern time zone: one above the Mason Dixon line and one below the Mason Dixon line.
2.       Central time zone: one north of Missouri and Kansas, one in or south of Missouri and Kansas
3.       Mountain time zone:  one north of Colorado and Utah, one in or south of Colorado and Utah
4.       Arizona: Since Arizona’s an enigma, and I’m originally from there and do a lot of things there, this warrants it’s own position.
5.       Pacific time zone: One above the California and Nevada line, one below the California and Nevada line.
6.       SoCal: Since I live here, I’m looking for a local skipper or two, especially ones willing to also help out with local events, set things up, etc.
7.       Hawaii: Because Hawaii is awesome.  

Duties: hunt for cadets in your area, as well as blogs, bookstores, libraries, schools, etc. Keep in contact with the first mate (more two months before and three months after release.) Will help to organize the addresses. Help communicate info about the books and giveaways. Be a cheerleader for cadets in your area.

Prizes:  Pair of net gloves (sort of like Noli wears on the cover of CV), CV magnet, skipper badge, special giveaways just for you, and all cadet prizes. 


How many? As many of sign up!

Duties:  talk up my books up at local libraries, bookstores, schools, and on any blog you can find. 

Promo falls into two categories and you can do as much as you feel able.  Here are some ideas, but feel free to use your imagination:

In Person!
 * Talk the books up and take/send promo materials to friends.
 * Pre-order or buy my books the first week of release.
 * Ask your local or school library to order my books. Give the librarians the title and publisher, also you can give them some bookmarks or promo materials.
 * Go to your local bookstores.  Turn books face out. If my books aren’t on the shelves, ask the bookseller to order it. Take the promo materials you’re sent and give them the booksellers
* Take promo material to your local book club, writer group or other reader-group, and share with them.

 * Feature links to interviews, reviews, excerpts, etc, (stuff that will be sent to you first, before anyone else sees it) on your blog, web site, Facebook, tumblr, etc.
 * Visit during my online appearances (workshops, blog tours, chats, etc)
*Create Aether Chronicles boards on pintrest, post your favorite quotes (or fan art) on tumbler, etc.
 * Share your (honest) review of the book on Amazon, Barnes&Noble.com, Goodreads, and other places that take reviews. (It is up on Netgalley)
*Add it to your Goodreads bookshelf.

Prizes: A special airship squadron button, both real and for your website. If you show up at an event you get to help at a signing or hang out with me at a panel. You’ll also be sent bookmarks and promo goodies to share (If I have your address on file).  International is okay—though it might take you longer to get your bookmarks.

Other prizes and Special Drawings:  for all crewmembers there will be special newsletter and drawings all year. These could be: signed books, swag packs, slumber party/book club kits, steampunk goodies, and other things. (Ideas can come from you!)

So, I’m inviting you to come aboard the Vixen’s Revenge as a member of my crew and spread the word about Noli, V, James, and the Aether Chronicles books. To give personal recommendations and tell or email your friends about my books. (the more people you tell the better--YOU become the voice of the books.)
This is supposed to be fun, so whatever you can do, even if it’s just one thing, helps SO MUCH.

The first step is to SIGN UP HERE. If you just want to be a cadet, you’re good. If you’re interested in being a skipper or first mate please sign up with this link then email me at suzannelazear@yahoo.com and let me know what position you’re interested in, why you’re interested it, and where you live. 

Thanks again for all your help!

Hugs and cupcakes,


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