Upcoming Classes and Appearances

 Online Classes 

 World Genesis -- Building a world from the ground up Dates: May 6 - 31; Fee: $40
 In this workshop we'll focus on all aspects of worldbuilding, from where and when the story is set to the characters that populate it, the technology (and magic) they use, to their language, government, culture, and beyond. So bring your ideas, put on your adventuring gear, and lets go create a world. For more information click here.


 The Romantic Times Booklovers Convention -- Kansas City, May 1-5 
 I will be doing *all* sorts of things, including the Steampunk Tea on Thursday at 1:30, and both the giant book signing and Teen Day on May 4th. Come say hi. At the book signing the secret word "cake" could score you a prize (there's a limited supply).

 Teen Book Fest -- Ontario, CA, May 11, 2013 (all day) More info here

  Los Angeles Romance Authors Meeting -- Bridges Academy, Studio City, CA May 19, 10:30 am I'm part of a panel on contests.

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SA Larsenッ said...

Gosh, Suzanne. I've got to pick up one of your books. Love steampunk! Thanks for sharing your dates.