First Pass Pages and Jam...

Over the weekend Missy and I went to see the movie Epic, which was quite cute.

For Memorial Day we had a BBQ and picked apricots, then made them into jam.

I've been quiet because there's a lot going on, and I'll probably be quiet for a bit. I have the first pass pages for CHARMED VENGEANCE and those are due soon. First pass pages are really "last chance" pages. It's the last time I'll have a chance to fix anything before CV is printed. I do hope you all like CV. I think it's even more fun than INNOCENT DARKNESS. Not to mention one of my all time favorite characters to write, Captain Vix, is book two. I hope you like her as much as I do.

What did you all do over the weekend?

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Jack said...

Very exciting to hear how close you are to finishing CV! (Also, glad to hear you liked Epic. I'm dying to see it.)