So...I don't go looking for reviews (usually). I haven't really seen any for CHARMED VENGEANCE (yet, though I know it doesn't actually release for 2 1/2 months. Still, I know there are ARCs out there.)

Anyway, I got an email from my fab publicist with "Kirkus" in the subject line.

Kirkus is a review mag, and they're really a tough nut to crack. Like if they don't hate your book you feel pretty good. (And if they gush, well, you've just won the jackpot.)

Anyway, Kirkus didn't hate CHARMED VENGEANCE! (No, seriously, this is epic.)

Actually, there was some good stuff in there. (Even more epic.)

My favorite?  "...her imagination soars as high as her airship, and it will have readers hooked."

Yep. Cupcakes for everyone. 

Happy weekend.

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Jessica said...

So happy for you!! Kirkus is notoriously tough so that is a pure BOON for you. Cupcakes should be reigning from the sky :)