Two Months and Counting!

Two months until CHARMED VENGEANCE releases! ~launches cupcake cannon~

  Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? Seriously, I think I love this book even more than INNOCENT DARKNESS and I hope you love this book too. There are some new characters who I just adore. We also meet Noli's brother, Jeff, the air pirate. I made a short video with me reading an excerpt of CHARMED VENGEANCE. I hope you like it! (I'm pretty technologically awkward, so the video's not fancy.)


 I have all sorts of fun things in the works for Book 2's release--giveaways, twitter chats, signings, a blog tour. There will even be a read-along of INNOCENT DARKNESS in July to get everyone ready for CV! 

Have a great week everyone. I'm actually working on my edit letter for FRAGILE DESTINY (book 3). I have to say, FD is really awesome, too. I think I like each new book even more than the last. :)

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