Innocent Darkness Read-Along Week 2-- Discussion Post #1 (Chapters 7-10)

It's Week 2 of the INNOCENT DARKNESS Read-Along! This week we're reading Chapters 7-13!

This is the first discussion post for the week -- we're talking about chapters 7-10! Lots of crazy stuff happening right?

What did you about Charlotte? About Noli's Wish? What do you think Kevighn's intentions? And what about V?

Please feel free to discussion these things (or anything about chapters 1-10) below. No spoliers beyond chapter 10 please! You can also use the hashtag #idreadalong to chat about it on twitter.

Here's me reading from Chapter 10, because I really love this part.

Some fun facts:
  • In faery lore ring of mushrooms is a "faery ring", and the faeries are said to dance in them. They can also ring faery trees or "elf-mounds" -- portals to Faerie.  
  • I know page 85 is super cringe-worthy. Noli loves books. I wanted to devise the most awful thing that I could do to a book lover.
  • Noli likes fiction, where V prefers history and philosophy. Noli's favorite books are Great Expectations and Alice in Wonderland.
  • Be careful what you wish for is a very common theme in many tales. This one is no exception.
One lucky poster will win a mini-tophat.Open internationally. You don't need to be registered to win the tophat. Contest closes 7/14/13. Discussion post #2 (Chapters 11-13) will be posted on Thursday. Join us for a twitter chat #idreadalong on Friday at 1 pm PST to talk about the chapters and chances to win more prizes. Anyone can join in the fun.


LhasaLuma said...

Love Faerie rings! I am adding this to my TBR now :)

Myra White said...

I sat down to read up to chapter 10 and accidentally finished the book.. whoops! I just needed to know what happened! I need to be careful know though - no spoilers.

I adored the first glimpse we got of the Otherworld, and the images in my mind of the little faeries are so gorgeous! I felt so sorry for Charlotte though, I wish she'd gotten the chance to run away with Noli, but then I suppose this book would be a lot different.

Better not say anything else in case I slip up and spoil it! I really enjoyed the book, thank you. :)

Maliha Khan said...

I DEFINITIELY want a mini top hat!! :)

Caroline Foxwell said...

I just finished the book last night. Couldn't help myself. But without spoiling anything... Findlay is absolutely horrible, and Charlotte! I feel so bad for her. But I do love the faerie tree. I want one in my backyard.

Sarah said...

My favorite this about this series is the mixture of steampunk and faerie. I've never seen anyone combine the 2 quite like Suzanne does. I love it. I can't wait until book 2 and the promises of airships!!!

Color Blind said...

I love the fact that one of Noli's favorite books is "Alice in Wonderland." I think it is awful that Findlay House will not allow them to read books. I would go insane if I wasn't able to read. I do have to admit that page 85 and 86 are pretty awful for book lovers. I kept cringing.

Froze8 said...

What did you about Charlotte?
Charlotte is such a strong character. I really hope she will be okay.

About Noli's Wish?
I'm so happy Noli made that wish. Personally I think she is better off. Noli is smart, she'll figure it out. I believe she is more likely to survive the Otherworld than Findley. (And that she would pick death over losing what makes her Noli)

What do you think Kevighn's intentions?
Kevighn is such a bad boy but he's a bit irresistible. Right now I think he intends to do his job but I think Noli may change his mind...and heart.

And what about V?
I LOVE V. I loved him at the start and after these chapters and that kiss I love him even more!

-Kate Tilton

Angelica Joy said...

Myra I feel exactly the same way, when I first participated in my first read-along I read through till the end and when it came to the discussions I didn't know if I was meant to mention x or y because I didn't know in which chapter it belonged to LOL so I decided to just read on schedule from now on and it's really hard for Innocent Darkness cos it's so exciting and I just want to read till the end.

I hope that Charlotte gets another appearance, I hope that Nolli somehow thinks to save her when she's free.

Nolli's wish, I kinda think that was silly but at the same time I think that in a place like Findlay...well anywhere would be better than there so I definitely don't blame her.

Kevighn's intentions - I think Suzanne is making us think that he's "bad" but from the prologue it seems there was more to the story than meets the eye. I think that Anastasia had gotten it wrong somehow, and there's more to Kevighn than everyone thinks.

V I think he's the perfect BFF :D

Angelica Joy said...

And I forgot to add, I cannot believe that reveal about V...OMG!!!

Anstice Potts said...

I really like Charlotte, she seems like such a fun character and has such a strong spirit despite what she's been through. I feel really sorry for her, and for Noli, as they make a great team.

I'm glad Noli made that wish-Findlay was awful so at least she's out of there. But she should definitely be careful what she wishes for-she doesn't know what to expect in the Otherworld.

Kevighn is obviously up to know good and not to be trusted, but I don't blame Noli for being drawn to him, he does have a certain charm.

I'm still rooting for V though. I knew there was something special about him and I know he'll go to any lengths to protect Noli.

Page 85 was awful-that would be one of my worst nightmares!

Suzanne Lazear said...

I love your reactions, yes, page 85 is pretty horrible. I was trying to think of the worst thing to do to a book lover.

I'm so happy you all are enjoying it!

Melissa @ Mel's Books and Info said...

I was so sorry to see Charlotte go. I loved her, and having her ripped away from Noli that way was horrible. I hope we see her again though, I loved her spirit and the way she befriended Noli.

I am glad Noli made her wish, but I have a feeling she jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire so to speak. I hope V will come for her though. Kevighn is trouble.

Lea Krnjeta said...

Some thing in these chapters were horrifing, I just felt nauseated. Charlotte and Noli screaming each others names was sad and awful. Charlotte was a really great friend. The wish Noli made set her free in a way but it also imprisoned her and she didnt know it but then, anything is better than Findlay so I was glad for her. Kevighn and V are polar opposites and although I always love a bad boy, this time I'm all for the best friend.