Innocent Darkness Read-Along--Week 4: Discussion Post #2 Chapters 25-27

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Today we're talking about Chapters 25-27:
 Thoughts? Everything is getting so spoiler-y that it's hard for me to come up with questions...

 Some quick facts:

  • The scene with the faery in Chapter 25 was one of the earliest scenes I came up with
  • Charlotte didn't have a last name for a really long time...maybe copy edits?
  • I'm really not sure how The House of Oak came to be called "the big house" 
  • There were a whole bunch of changes between the ARCs and the finished copies. The dress Noli's wearing on the cover was worked into the story in copy edits, but it doesn't appear in the arc, since that was turned in before I saw the cover 

 Here's a video of me reading my fave part from Chapter 25:

Please comment on chapters 25-27 below!

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Froze8 said...

These chapters were so intense!

I love the kissing, V, and I am a big fan of how lore plays a part in the story with steampunk as well.

I like that Kevighn tries, even in his own misguided way. I can't wait to see him again in future novels. I think we will see more from him (and he will grow as a character too).

Chapter 25...that scene. That must have been very hard to write. So sad.

-Kate Tilton

Lea Krnjeta said...

The chapter for this week were full of different emotions, and it was alk so beautifully written. I even shed a tear.