Innocent Darkness Read-AlongWeek #2!

It's week two of the INNOCENT DARKNESS read-along, and it's not to late to register and join in the fun! We're reading a few chapters of ID every week to get ready for the release of CHARMED VENGEANCE on 8-8-13!

This week we're reading chapters 7-13!

I'll put up discussion post #1 on Tuesday (7-10) and #2 on Thursday (11-13). Commenting on the posts gives you more chances to win. You don't need to be registered to participate, but it makes you elgible for the grand prizes.

We'll have a twitter chat on Friday the 12th at 1 pm PST #idreadalong -- everyone can participte, even if you're not following the read-along. Also, feel free to talkabout the chapters anytime on twitter using #idreadalong.

Here's a video of me reading from Chapter 9!

Happy Reading!


Leeanna said...

Suzanne, nope! Use away. I thought the readalong needed a shiny graphic, so I'm pleased to see you using it :D

Be back later to check out the video.

Froze8 said...

Loved it! I want to read ahead now but if I do I'm afraid I'll have the whole book read ;)

Color Blind said...

I love the graphic. Great job Leeanna.