Read-Along Week #1 -- Discussion Post #1 (Prologue - Chapter 3)

Welcome to week 1 of the INNOCENT DARKNESS read-along. If you haven't registered yet, please do, it makes you eligible for the Grand Prizes. I add a new prize for every 10 registrants.

Here's the discussion post for the prologue - Chapter Three. One lucky commentor will win a book from my stash of awesome.  You can talk about whatever you like in regard to the prologue-Chapter 3. Just a few rules:
1) Play nice
2) No spoilers from chapters beyond the ones we're talking about. (I'll put up 4-6 tomorrow)

A few questions to get you started:
Would you want a flying car like Noli's?
What was your favorite part?
Why do you think I used the poems I did before the prologue and chapter 1?

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Here's a (awkward) video of me sharing some behind-the-scenes info on the opening chapters, like how the book got it's name, what Noli's car looks like, and more.

A few trivia bits about the book:

  • The scene between Noli, V, and the hovercop? I had an actual police officer help me with the scene.
  • The tree in Noli's backyard is based on a real tree, the tree where I got the idea for the book. It does have a trunk curved like a "j" from where it was struck by lightning. However, it's a mulberry, not an oak and has no tree house.
  • V's medallion design is based on the Celtic tree of life
  • The cookies Noli and her mom are eating are based on actual cookies I buy at Trader Joes. I at *a lot* of them while writing this book. Also, Sour Patch Kids.
  • Aether was considered the fifth element by the Greeks and appeared in early physics and alchemical theories
  • My first car was called "The Big Bad Pixymobile." It was a powder blue Buick Estate Wagon, older than I was, and I bought it for $20 (yes, it worked).  
Happy discussing. I'll post the next bit on Thursday. Remember, no spoilers beyond chapter 3, play nice, and one lucky commentor wins a prize (open internationally, contest ends at Sunday, July 7.)


Tiffany said...

so I;m going to start off with the questions you put in the post. :D

Would you want a flying car like Noli's?
Heck yeah I would want a flying car like Noli's, but I would want it a little more sturdy. :D

What was your favorite part?
Hmm Favorite part. any part Noli and V are in. I love them together and V is such a doll. :D

Why do you think I used the poems I did before the prologue and chapter 1?
I'm just guessing here, but they sound faery related. Like with the fruit. I know some say if you go into the realm your not supposed to eat the fruit or you'll have to stay there forever. The one before the prologue makes sense after you rad it. A faery took the girl and brought her to their world....and I'm just guessing here so don't judge LOL

I've already read Innocent Darkness before, but it's still just as exciting. Noticing things you didn't before and all that. *MEEP* :D This is my first read-Along so IDk what all I;m supposed to talk about, but I think this post is long enough. LOL

P.S. I tried to watch the video but it says it's private

Suzanne Lazear said...

I fixed the video!

Mindy said...

To answer your questions,
Would I like a flying car like Noli's?
Heck yes 8D I could imagine flying in a car similar to GEN11 (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ;) ) or like Noli's

My favorite part of the book is when Noli crashes the car & just knows she's in a LOT of manure (been there, bumped a PARKED truck while under a learners permit with my Dad trying to teach me to drive his Ford LTD aka The Wallowing Wootz)

I read the book & ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!
I enjoyed your video about the insane asylums (I've worked 32 years as a CNA/RSA at a facility for Developmentally Challenged). The type treatments and terminology from Victorian era to Obama era are amazing.

Mindy :)

Caroline Foxwell said...

I love the excerpts from the poems at the beginning of the novel, especially the one from "Goblin Market." They capture the essence of faeries quite nicely.
I haven't read the book before but I'm loving it so far, especially the characters. Oh and the tree! I want a tree like that.

Color Blind said...
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Color Blind said...

I would love to have a car like Noli's. I think it would be amazing to fly around. Honestly who would want to have a car like that?

I think Noli and V's bantering is my favorite so far. Those two make a great pair.

The poems are faery (fairy; fae) related, so I am assuming that these are being used to provide a connection between the fae world and the human world. The first poem "The Stolen Child" is talking about a human child going away with a faery which is what happened in the prologue. The second poem "Goblin Market," I think is referring to not buying in to everything around you. There are plenty of theories and legends regarding the faery world about not eating or drinking anything or you will be trapped forever, it could be referring to that but I think the connection goes deeper. It could be something like not following or believing everything around you because it isn't always what it seems.

I've never read "Innocent Darkness" before, but I am really enjoying it.

This is Ali Kiki @ DazzledbyBooks

Pamelabee said...

This is my first time reading "Innocent Darkness" I bought the book on a whim because I seem to remember someone saying it was good, and I liked the cover.
I really want a flying car and have an image of the Pixymobile as a giant bug.
Favorite thing so far-the garden at Findley house. Noli's tendency to climb trees when she's upset and the fact that Noli loves her mother so much.
I personally love both the poems. If you are familiar with them, they do provide a nice bit of foreshadowing.
So far I'm really enjoying the book!

Lea Krnjeta said...

The poems at the beggining are beautiful, they bring more magic to the story and I guess tat maybe that's why you chose them. Noli's car, Pixy seems awesome, unique and intriguing so of course I would want one :) My favorite moment so far was her talk with V at the tree house, I love that guy. I am really loving this readalong :D

Nicky Leigh said...

"Innocent Darkness" was another fantastic book that a BFF loaned me, ordering me to read it b/c she 'knew I would LOVE it!' (she was right, as usual.) Noli immediately became a new fave for me and I am SO looking forward to the new book!! :D

Anstice Potts said...

I would love to have a flying car like Noli's. If such things existed it would certainly spur me on to get my driving license (or maybe I'd just ignore that rule like Noli). 'The Big Bad Pixymobile' is the most epic name for a car I have ever come across.

My favourite part was the light-hearted banter between V and Noli during chapter 1. Her calling him a 'fussy old bodger' and lending him her cap show the affectionate and fun relationship they have-almost like brother and sister.

I really like the poems you chose by William Butler Yeats and Christina Rossetti. The first few chapters are very much set in a mortal, Steampunk realm, but these poems at the start of each chapter add a sense of mystery and magic and hint of the fairy tale element to come. Both poems are about faeries or other magical creatures tempting humans away from their mortal realm, so they add a good sense of foreboding. The Yeats poem ends with a really sad line which reflects the sad ending of the Prologue: 'For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand'.

whatthecatread said...

So happy to be rereading this book! I loved it the first time I read it and I'm enjoying it even more the second time around because I'm able to pick up on things I didn't get the first time through. =^.^=

To answer your questions:

Would you want a flying car like Noli's?
Definitely! It would cut down on the travel time because there would be less traffic to deal least until everyone else started getting flying cars. My only concern would be the impact such a vehicle would have on the air quality. It would suck if by having such a car we'd end up destroying the very air we need to breath. :(

What was your favorite part?
I love the scene where Noli first meets Charlotte at Findlay House. The way that she introduces herself to Noli had me smirking and instantly made me fall in love with her. lol

Why do you think I used the poems I did before the prologue and chapter 1?
Love, love, love the poems. I greatly enjoy when authors throw in bits of other works of writing in their stories because it allows me to not only discover new authors, but it also helps me see the story itself in a new light and/or provides a chance for me to explore the ideas in the book further.

Myra White said...

I wasn't able to start this until yesterday as I had some other things to read first, but once I did start it hardly took any time to reach chapter 6! First time reading this book and so far I am loving it!

I'd like a flying car but as I've yet to obtain my car licence, I think I'd put off buying it until I'd mastered the roads!

Froze8 said...

Would you want a flying car like Noli's?
I would love to have a flying car because..well who wouldn't want a flying car? Really?

What was your favorite part?
I adore watching V and Noli as V comforts her after she tells him she is leaving. V is so mysterious and he SO loves her and they would be adorable together and I better stop before I ramble on.

I also really love the garden Noli found, it has this magical feel to it even before we know it does have magic.

Why do you think I used the poems I did before the prologue and chapter 1?
I adored both the little parts of the poems you used for the prologue and chapter 1, but I think the prologue quote was my favorite for this book because it is SO fitting for this story.

And I have to say, learning about those names was a little bit spoilery for only the first three chapters of the book ;)

-Kate Tilton

Angelica Joy said...

This is the first time I'm reading Innocent Darkness and I'm enjoying it so far.

Would I like to have a car like Noli's?

YES! I think about this ALL the time, each time I'm stuck in traffic and wish I could just fly over all those cars to get to my destination LOL

My favourite part?

The Prologue, after reading it, I now keep trying to piece the puzzle together about the how, what, why and when...loved it!

I also enjoy the relationship between V and Noli.

Regarding the poem?

To be honest I'm not quite sure, I initially thought it was the introduction or a little snippet into what's going on in the chapter but not every chapter has one so...

Melissa @ Mel's Books and Info said...

I love the idea of the flying car, but I am not sure I would want to ride in one--they seem a bit tricky! :) Still I loved the name of the car--it just sounds fun.

My favorite part has to be the friendship between Noli and V. V seems so sweet and seems to really care about what happens to Noli.

This is my first time reading Innocent Darkness. I have had it on my "to read" list for months, but haven't had the time to pick it up. I love the cover--it really caught my eye when it came out.

Suzanne Lazear said...

I'm so glad you all are liking it! I love hearing your reactions.