Read Along Week 2 -- Discussion Post #2 (Chapters 11-13)

It's Week Two of the INNOCENT DARKNESS read-along and not too late to join in the fun.

We're talking about chapters 11-13 today.

What do you think about the Otherworld? Have your opinions about Kevighn changed? What do you like better, Noli's tree house or Creideamh's tree house? And the end of chapter 13...

Feel free to chat about these things, or anything else from chapters 1-13 below. One lucky poster wins a mini top hat. You can also chat about it on twitter -- #idreadalong.

Also, let's talk about the Spark. If you had the Spark, what would your talent be? Here's a video of me talking about the Spark. (Mild spoilers)

Some fun facts:
  • Kevighn is pronounced "Kevighn", I meant it to be Keighvin, mispelled it, and liked my spelling better.
  • Creideamh is pronounced "Kray-jif" and is Gaelic for "Faith." When I started writing this book, I had no idea he had a sister. We'll learn more about her as the series goes on.
  • "The Otherworld" is another name for the realm of Faerie.
  •  Part of why Noli is facinated with Kevighn is because her interactions with guys other than V and James (and her brother) have been minimal (as was very common in the era, especially in the highest classes). He's this strange creature she's heard about in whispers and gossip, but never actually seen up close.
  • In faery lore, if you thank a faerie, it means you owe them a debt, which grants them some control over you
Please join us for a twitter chat #idreadalong on Friday at 1 pm PST to talk about the chapters and chances to win more prizes. Anyone can join in the fun.

One lucky poster will win a mini-tophat.Open internationally. You don't need to be registered to win the tophat. Contest closes 7/17/13.


Sarah said...

I absolutely love Noli's treehouse. I want one for myself. lol If I had the spark, it would be for growing flowers. Now that I've actually put the time and effort into it, I've found that I actually have a pretty green thumb.

Caroline Foxwell said...

If I had the spark... I think I'm a mix between earth and water. I love trees and animals, not so much plant growing, but I love water. If some place has running water in the form of a creek, I'm there. So I guess I could go either way.

Color Blind said...

I really like Noli's treehouse. I think it is very cool however Creideamh's treehouse sounds beautiful. If I had the spark, I am not sure what I would like my talent to be. I am not a plants person, so I would want a different talent. Then end of chapter 13! GAWH! I hope there are more "Dreamworld" scenes. I had an idea that she wasn't actually dreaming and that their consciousness was connecting to each other.

Angelica Joy said...

- I can't say much about the Otherworld as we haven't really seen much of it, apart from Kevighn's cabin. I do love the faeries though.

- I think that we are getting to learn more about Kevighn and I said in my previous comment, that there's more to him than meets the eye and we're seeing that now.

- I think that I would like Creideamh's treehouse better as it's made of magic so I can only imagine how beautiful it'd be.

- At the end of Chapter 13 I think that V has managed to find Noli but because she's sleeping when he finds her, she thinks that she's dreaming and she believes she's still at home, on the particular time, but I believe that V is actually there, within her dream. Somehow he's managed to connect with her through the necklace he's given her.

- I don't have any "affinity" to water, fire or earth, but if I had a spark it'd probably be something to do with books, if such a thing exists OR it'd be artistic like arts & crafts as I like to scrapbook, folk art painting etc. which is strange because I'm quite good at it and I learnt that by accident LOL

Ok a few questions for Suzanne:-

- Is Kevighn meant to be this day and age "Kevin"?
- Who's James?
- I went through the part where V first shows up and I don't seem to find a mention of a James, I thought that maybe it's V's brother, am I right?

Suzanne Lazear said...

I love all your comments!

Kevighn is indeed pronounced "Kevin"
James is V's younger brother
Yes, there are more dreamworld sequences, and yes, V's with her in the dream

Froze8 said...

What do you think about the Otherworld?
I love the Otherworld. I'm pretty fond of the tree fairies.

Have your opinions about Kevighn changed?
(I am now on the next weeks reading so... ;) ).

What do you like better, Noli's tree house or Creideamh's tree house?
I'm found of Creideamh's because hers has fairies :)

And the end of chapter 13...
Oh that kiss <3 you certainly made this girl happy!

If you had the Spark, what would your talent be?
After you mentioned baking...I'm thinking that may be my talent. ;)

When you say Charlotte's and James' story I think it sounds like they end up together....

Lea Krnjeta said...

1. The Otherworld was described awesome. I love nature and the little fairies are adorable.
2. Kevighn is showing us a little more of himself in these chapter but even though he was hurt a lot it still doesnt excuse his actions.
3. Both tree houses seem beautiful although Creideamh's is more magical to me.
4. Chapter 13. Swooning over here :)
I would like Noli' s Spark.