NaNoWriMo--Day 6

Oops,  I forgot to post this last night before bed.

Yesterday I got in 4,200 words. I'm nearly done with this so then I can *finally* move on to my NaNoWriMo story.

This is a different process for me. Usually I pound out the entire story (or most of it) and fix everything and make it pretty. Since I don't have that luxury with this, I can't just put [insert science here] like I might during drafting. I have to do even more research while writing than usual. Also, instead of making a list of tings to fix, I am going back and fixing things as I go--especially world building things. I'm finding I have to make this world evolve much faster than usual.

I leave you with something I wrote:

Wait, why was he even debating this? Perhaps he wasn’t a full doctor yet; however he had certified as a field medic. He’d taken an oath to heal the sick and injured to the best of the ability. The oath said nothing about withholding treatment based on their homeworld—or due the law.  
Blast the law. He was going to do what he needed to save her life. 

Feel free to share something you wrote.

How's your progress?

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