Books for Missy's School Library

I'd like to thank the outpouring of love, suggestions, and offers for books for Missy's school library.

Yesterday, I was posting on twitter about how sad I was to have been told that this year her school library had no budget to buy new books other than what they made from the book fair and a used book sale. I know libraries never have enough money for books, but I was surprised that there was no budget at all, otherwise I would have done more to help out. I LOVE her school librarian. She stays after school every day for hours and helps kids with their homework. She opens the library at lunch when not on yard duty so the kids can read. She always has a hug and a book recommendation for the kids.

If you're at RT 2014 next week and write something suitable for k-8, I will be stalking you.

Other people have offered to send books. My answer is -- thank you, they'd love it. It's a K-8 school, so please keep that in mind. These kids are voracious readers. To give you an idea, in our "Mother-Daughter book club" which is made up of 4th grade girls from Missy's class, we're reading "The Princess Bride" and comparing/contrasting it with the movie.

Books can be sent to:

Suzanne Lazear
"For Missy's School"
PO Box 456
Van Nuys, CA 91408

Thank you so much.

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