RT Booklovers Convention 2014

One of my favorite events is the RT Booklover's Convention. This event takes a lot of time, since I'm Steampunk track captain and plan a bunch of events, but it's also a ton of fun. It gives me a chance to meet writers, see old friends, and fangirl my favorite authors. 

In which I fangirl Tamora Pierce, one of my fave authors, according to her,
the best thing about Steampunk is the clothes. I have to agree.
This year it was in New Orleans. I haven't been there in *years.*

I was so busy, between running a track, organizing the YA PJ Party and the Steampunk Tea, and being part of other things that I took very few pictures.

But here's the few I took (or my friends took).

The YA PJ Party is always a good time. Despite it being at 10:15 tuesday night, we had a great time playing truth or dare and eating junk food.

The YA Author Hostesses for the YA PJ Party

I don't have any pictures from the Steampunk Tea, but I do have a great pic of the YA Author Brunch. For me one of the highlights of these sorts of events is a chance to "be with my tribe" and hang out with other authors.

YA Authors at the YA Author Brunch
Some of the hostesses for the YA Author Brunch
I wasn't actually in charge of the YA Author Brunch, and it was really nice to not be in charge of something and just have to show up. The mastermind behind it was Colleen Houck (with a little help from her awesome sisters).

Me and author Colleen Houck, you can't see them but she
has really pretty hairclips that I covet in her hair
Usually, I'm so busy I never get to leave the hotel except to possibly grab a bite to eat. This year I managed to fit in a carriage ride.

Carriage selfie with authors Jessica Souders and Liz Czukas
I didn't get to color with Kiera Cass this year (yeah, that's what I do for fun at RT, color with YA authors in the lobby.) But she did try on my clockhand tiara. (We share a love of princesses and tiaras.)

Me and author Kiera Cass, notice my clockhand tiara looks really nice on her

I also got to spend time with tons of other awesome authors, which I didn't get pics of because I'm lame. I also got to see my childhood best friend and I'm kicking myself that we didn't take any pics either.  

But I did make a ridiculous fangirl of myself, both with Tamora Pierce and Kim Harrison -- two of fave authors. Tamora Pierce was one of the authors that made me realize that I *could* write YA, and Kim Harrison has given me some amazing writing advice over the years. Both of them write fantastic books and are great people. 

Me with awesomesauce writer extraordinaire Kim Harrison and her hubby Tim

I didn't get to stay for the teen day party, so my last event was the GIANT bookfair. This year there were over 700 authors and the indie authors were included this year instead of having a separate signing on a different day. 

This year RT felt overwhelmingly huge in comparison to past RT's (this was my fourth.) But I'm looking forward to next year in Dallas, TX. If you ever have the chance to go it's a really fun (but exhausting) event. 

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