Want book three swag?

If you're currently a cadet of my airship squadron  (or want to be one), I will be sending our book three swag packs soon. However, I need ALL cadets (including long-time ones) to update their addresses if you want to receive swag.

If you don't want swag, but want to continue as part of the street team, please write "no swag" in the field. Updating the form let's me know you're still interested so I don't pester you. Swag packs will only be mailed to those who fill out this form and have a complete mailing address (including a name and zip/post code.) Filling out the form makes you a cadet and you will receive occasional emails and will be invited to our exclusive facebook group.

International cadets are welcome, however, due to postage costs, swag may be different/lesser.

Welcome aboard!

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