Charmed Vengeance Read-Along Starts July 7th

The Charmed Vengeance Read-Along starts on Monday, July 7th, so get those copies ready. We're reading book 2 to get ready for the release of Fragile Destiny, book 3, on August 8th.

We'll be reading 1 chapter of CV a day (though the first day will be prologue + chapter 1 and the last day will be the last chapter + the epilogue.) This includes weekends. (If you fall behind or read ahead, it's okay, you can still participate.)

Check back here for the chapter of the day, random tidbits, awkward videos, deleted scenes, and other surprises. Chat about the chapter on the posts or you can use the twitter hashtag #cvreadalong

#cvreadalong will be a slow-chat on twitter, meaning post your feels, comments, questions, etc. *anytime*, and I will get back to you eventually, or chat with other people reading along as well. There will be some planned twitter chats as well, I'll post them here ahead of time.Yes, you can ask book 1 questions as well.

We hope you join us! See you on Monday!

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