#cv read-along -- Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen

Noli is still very sick with an illness caused by Brogan. Vix and Jeff take her to Boston, as planned. Partially because Jeff really has no idea what to do, other than bring her to their mother, who of course will know what to do, because she's a mom. (Jeff is an early 20-something guy after all.)

Vix is (obviously) very nervous about meeting Jeff's mother, given she's an air pirate and she's engaged to her only son.

When Noli arrives, ill, in Boston, Mrs. Braddock immediately steps in as the "household general" taking over Noli's care and scolding Jeff for missing the details.

Meanwhile James and V return Rahel to Dr. Heinz and receive their automaton. When they return to Mathias' place (yes, they walk into a bar with a robot) they discover that Noli is ill and race off to Boston...

Do you think they'll make it in time?

See you tomorrow!

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Kate Tilton said...

So intense!

Poor Jeff, just a kid trying to find his way in the world. I hope all is fine in the end for his sake!