#cvreadalong -- Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

In this chapter two story lines finally collide (and they do collide.) Kevighn Silver arrives aboard the Vixen's Revenge only to discover that Noli's not in Los Angeles, but aboard the ship. This is an uncomfortable moment for both of them since a) Kevighn is afraid Jeff might hurt him if he knows the truth b) it's difficult to explain anything without mentioning the Otherworld. 

I love how protective Winky and the crew get of Noli -- and how Vix knows instinctively that Kevighn is trouble, probably more than he's worth. Asa's name was originally Cage, and wasn't changed until very late in the game. In fact, the ARCs of book 3 still have Asa as Cage. 

The Vixen's Revenge also takes off after the human traffickers and gets in a gun battle, conquers the ship, then takes all of their cargo, including the little girls, which they'll take to a safehouse in San Francisco which will try to reunite the little girls with their families. 

One of my favorite moments in this chapter is how the sprite takes over -- but this time it's not to paint and decorate, but to take care of the little girls. The sprite takes charge doing tasks Nol would do, but find tedious, giving us a hint that the sprite is capable in her own right when she wants to be.

Another favorite moment of mine is when Kevighn wakes up Noli only to discover the sprite is in control -- and of course sly Kevighn's reaction to discovering that V has broken the stone in Noli's necklace. I do love Kevighn's determination. 

What's your favorite Chapter 13 moment?

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Kate Tilton said...

My favorite moment is the last line of the chapter. So perfectly Kevighn.