#cvreadalong -- Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

As I mentioned yesterday, the beginning of the book was originally different. Chapter Two actually opened with Kevighn drinking, which is now at the end of the prologue. Things were moved around (and cut) for pacing and other reasons.

Pretty much all of the original Chapter Two was cut, except for Kevighn's scene and a brief scene with V and Uncle Brogan, which was moved around to be part of the current Chapter Two.

One thing I did like that was cut was this small scene where James was sword fighting out his feelings after Charlotte was sacrificed.

            James, well, Steven knew how heartbroken he was, and he also knew from watching his father post-exile what heartbroken men in their family could be like.
              A clank of swords caught Steven’s attention. Violence may be prohibited at events such as these, but there usually were swordplay exhibitions. He turned around just in time to see James disarm someone in fire court colors. James picked up the man’s sword and handed it to him hilt first. As they shook hands, something was exchanged. 
            Steven waved at him. James waved back, spoke to a few others, more things exchanging hands, then shuffled over to him. 
“How many rounds have you won?” Steven asked. 
“Five of five.” James wiped beads of sweat off his forehead. “None of them were pity wins, I promise you that.” His voice broke slightly. 
Poor James. But Steven also believed that his brother won fairly. While some would seek to allow James to win due to the circumstances, he really was a good swordsman.
Chapter Two, as it is now, is much more concise. It's time for V to repay his debt to Tiana. V meets with the queen, gets his orders, executes his orders, and goes off on his fool's errand, James in tow. We can get to the action much faster than having all this drawn out in chapter's three and four. Ah, the beauty of editing.

We get a rare glimpse of Mr. Darrow, V's dad, in this chapter as well. A proud man who was once king. A man who lost everything. A man who loves his children, but has been though so much it's difficult to interact with them.

Even though V and his dad have a rocky and complex relationship, the love is still there, even though it's buried. When Mr. Darrow says "Don't die. Please." He's saying so much more than that. And V's reaction let's us know that he knows the meaning behind his father's words and it makes him happy.

It's a much different relationship than Noli and her mother have, though that is just as complex.

What do you think of V's relationship with his mother -- and his father? How did you feel when V was with Noli and he was obligated to carry out his mom's orders even though he didn't want to? Tell me here or on twitter #cvreadalong. You can ask your other questions or add in your other comments/discussion as well. 

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Kate Tilton said...

I forgot how much I hate the high queen! Oh boy. But I'm happy to have some V action :)!

I only wonder why Noli didn't tell V she would go off with her brother and wait for him. Clearly she started to get the idea that what V was doing was not what he wanted. Maybe she was in to much pain? Maybe the sprite influence kept her from putting it all together? Hm.