#cvreadalong -- Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight 

One of the perks of being a writer is tormenting them. But you don't have to leave your characters naked on top of a building, you can torment them in much subtler ways. This chapter is full of Noli-torment. 

We've got:
  • Vix and Noli's continued clash over what exactly makes a strong women and Vix's obvious bias against Noli, mostly based on Noli's dress and manners
  • The Sprite. I do love the spite and how she takes over Noli's body at the more in-opportune times. I also love how the Sprite is very similar in personality to how society girls are expected to be in Noli's world--and how unabashed the Sprite is about loving girly things, fun, and happy moments. 
  • Noli trying to hid the truth about everything from Jeff, which isn't helpful when you have a magic suitcase and a sprite in your head
  • Poking at Noli's Victorian sensibilities in regards to sex. 
Let's talk about sex. We know Noli's more secure in her sexuality than the average well born girl. But I couldn't help but throw in a few thing just to see what happened. Like the box of things Winky brings her, things belonging to a "soiled dove" that used to live on the ship. In case you didn't figure it out, "soiled dove" is a term for prostitute. I used a term from the wild west because I thought it was better suited to what an air pirate might use than some of the other terms used throughout the series.

Noli knows what some things are in the box, but not all. (Hmmm, I wonder what dirty books were in there.) It was really fun to see Jeff's reaction when she asks him about one of the items, the "cylindrical object". After all, even though Jeff is now an air pirate, he was raised as a well born gentleman, and he's older than Noli, so he had even more of it. Noli tends to bring out those knee-jerk gentleman reflexes 

Also, I couldn't help but include that conversation between Noli and Vix about the possibility of Noli being "in a delicate condition" eg. pregnant. Many unmarried girls in Noli's time, especially society girls, didn't really know how you got pregnant or even what happened during sex. Noli does, but she's not most girls. Given Noli's flight, and how savvy Vix is (and Vix's past experiences) it's very natural to see Vix considering this. Not to mention fun to see both characters squirm, I can't just torment Noli, you know. 

Back in the opening chapter of the book, we saw Noli doing something with Charlotte's hair, then bringing it with her. Hair weaving was an actual Victorian pastime. It was not uncommon to make things out of hair-- from things like a watch chain to works of art. Ladies' magazines would post instructions of how to make things from hair, just like you might see a DIY project today. Girls might make little thing from their own hair and exchange them with their besties or give them to their sweethearts. Or one might make something as a remembrance from the hair of a departed loved one -- like Noli making a watch chain from Charlotte's hair to give to James so that he can keep a little bit of Charlotte with him always. I got the idea to include this from a post another author did on this subject over at the blog STEAMED

Would you weave something out of hair? What would you make? What was your favorite squirmy moment from this chapter? Share here or over on twitter -- #cvreadalong

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Kate Tilton said...

I like to weave things but I think hair would just be a little weird for me. This chapter was full of squirmy moments haha :)