#cvreadalong -- Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen

In this chapter Brogan storms the Vixen's Revenge to get his artifacts, which leads in to a gun/magic fight. Brogan's forced off the ship but not before Brogan uses earth magic to make Noli (and the Sprite) ill.

Kevighn returns to the Thirsty Pooka to meet with Ciaran. Ciaran is Gaelic for "black" or "little dark one." The Thirsty Pooka, the dark king's pub, was actually something I created for book 1 and it never made it in. Actually, this entire scene is based scene from book 1 that was cut when it was decided to have Kevighn "go off into the hinterlands" and not return to the dark court immediately.

The idea behind the Thirsty Pooka was inspired by "The Poisen Apple" from an animated movie that I now cannot remember. (Shrek perhaps.) I thought that if the dark court is the opposite of the high court, than what better foil to the ornate palace than a (slightly) seedy pub, presided over by the dark king himself.

Would you go to the Thirsty Pooka? Which would you prefer, there or Mathias' Place? 

See you tomorrow.

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Kate Tilton said...

And now we know who is responsible for that certain big thing!