#cvreadalong -- Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven

One thing about Steampunk, is that there's a lot of tech. It's an integral part of Steampunk. While we don't see much tech in the Otherworld, we do see it in the mortal realm. Also, Noli's on an airship, working as an engineer, and she's fixing an engine.

This means I need to know, at least a little bit, how my airships work, what the problem with the engines might be, and how she might fix them.

Thank goodness for the Internet. I had to do not just Internet research, but I also exchanged a lot of in-depth hypothetical emails and twitter convos with engineers and people who know how engines work. I do admit, the Vixen's Revenge suffers from "probably wouldn't actually fly" syndrome, but I hope I got some of the things right. (All mistakes are mine. I have a degree in politics, not science.)

Writers joke about the odd things they research for their books and how we're all on NSA watch lists. For this chapter, I had to research knife throwing, since Thad teaches Noli how to throw knives.

We also rejoin V and James who are now trudging through the snow in search of an automaton. Yes, Dr. Heinz is an homage to Phineas and Ferb. (You know they have a steampunk episode? It's pretty fun.)

James and V find the perfect item for their quest, but they have no money, so they agree to help Dr. Heinz get his daughter back in exchange for the automaton.

“I can’t believe you promised him we’d find his little girl. ‘Nay, if our wits run the wild-goose chase, I am done,’” he quoted. That’s what this felt like: a wild-goose chase.
“Ease up,” James shot back from the seat next to him. “And stop quoting Chaucer.”
“It’s Shakespeare, you heathen,” Steven corrected.

It's Shakespeare, you heathen, is one of my favorite quotes in the book. I think I need it on a t-shirt.  Don't you?

Do you have any favorite quotes?

See you tomorrow!

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Kate Tilton said...

Um yes! I'd love that quote on a T-shirt. It is a favorite of mine too!