#cvreadalong -- Chapter Fifteen

It's time for Chapter Fifteen in the #cvreadalong. This is one of my favorites. What do you think? Tell me on twitter. #cvreadalong.

Chapter Fifteen

I love this chapter because Noli gets to have a bad-ass moment. With Hayden's Follies down the Vixen's Revenge is left to fend for itself when she's attacked by cannon ships. Noli and the sprite have to work together and use magic to deflect the cannon balls so they don't hit the ship. Since the sprite thinks it's boring, Noli makes it into a game, promising her points for blowing things up and describing it like Mintonette. 

For those of you wondering that Mintonette is, it was an early name for Volleyball. In the Otherworld it's played with no hands, only magic. 

Unfortunately, Vix sees magic in action. However, what we haven't known until now is that Vix and Jeff know about the Otherworld, and now they suspect Noli knows as well. 

Things also start to align regarding the artifacts the crew is stealing and who exactly they're working for. 

So....who do you think the artifacts are for? Ideas?   

See you tomorrow!

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Kate Tilton said...

Not sure about the artifacts but this chapter really made me like the sprite. I hope if Noli does get rid of her she won't go away forever :(