#cvreadalong -- Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fourteen

One think I like about the chapter is how V and James' story line and Noli's story line brush up against each other but don't quite intersect.

V and James are in pursuit of Rahel, Dr. Heinz's daughter so they can get their automaton. Meanwhile the ship they're chasing has been captured by the Vixen's Revenge and Rahel is with Noli.

When I created this world of airships and air pirates I wanted to make sure that there were women represented -- even though according to the laws of the mortal realm a woman can't fly any sort of conveyance alone. Vix skits this because Jeff is the pilot, and she's the captain. (Not that she probably cares, after all, she hoverboards, which is also illegal for women.) But what about women who just don't care? After all, being an air pirate is already illegal, why not break the law even more.

Enter Hittie and Hattie Hayden, proprietresses of Hayden's Follies. Hayden's Follies is a sparrow class schooner. A very small, very light ship that's really only good at one thing. Going fast. The sisters work closely with Vix, both in the women's equality movement and  the children's liberation front and in their primary occupation--flying decoy.

Decoys are bait. The decoys are hired to lure the air partly, or in this case the MoBatts, away so another ship can pass through safely. In this case The Vixen's Revenge needs to move those kids to San Fran fast, and that means flying the unfriendly skies of Deseret.

Hittie and Hattie take James and V aboard for the wild ride. I do love how the sisters deem V "useless", given he can't really do anything helpful aboard an airship. Things get worse when their ship is shot down in enemy territory. Not only can they not get caught (or they'll be taken prisoner) but James and V need to get Rahel before she's taken to the safe house and V and James have to use their magic to fix the ship, though they're attacked by more "helpers" for Queen Tianna.

Hittie and Hattie (also spelled Hitty and Hatty) were nicknames of the time, short for Henrietta and Harriet (though Hattie canbe used for both, Hittie can also be short for Esther or Mehitabel.)

One of my favorite lines in this chapter is "Good One, Captain Subtle," which James mutters when V uses a little too much magic.

What's your favorite Chapter 14 moment? Do you think James and V will meet up with Noli soon or do you think they'll be kept apart? 

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Kate Tilton said...

I am praying Noli and V will cross paths now...we'll see!