#cvreadalong -- Chapter Nine

Welcome back to the #cvreadalong.

Chapter Nine

Yesterday I talked a little about character torture. Chapters nine and ten are among my favorite chapters because I get to torture James and V, and a little less subtly than what happened to Noli in Chapter 8.

The idea for leaving James and V stranded naked, on top a building in NYC, came about in a conversation I had when I was in a cab with two other writers. They both live in NYC so they were happy to suggest buildings and all sorts of other tidbits. The building James and V are in is based on the Flatiron building. Did anyone guess that?

Also, I wanted to do something that would delay the quest and be quite inconvenient but not actually hurt them (since that would break the rules of questing.) Couldn't you imagine what sort of pranks people could devise to delay or lead astray questers that didn't actually break the rules?

In addition to misadventures and sibling dynamics, we get a little hint as to James' adventures during INNOCENT DARKNESS when he disappears to find Jeff and Charlotte. (Yes, I know you want this story. I am hoping to make this a reality. I really am trying.)

So, what pranks would you play on questers? 

See you tomorrow!

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Kate Tilton said...

For some reason I'd totally forgotten James went to find Jeff. Haha. Good reminder.