#cvreadalong -- Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

We're back with V and James on this quest and we get a glimpse to how spoiled and unprepared they are for this. Remember how everyone loves a quester? V and James run into some Otherworld folk and their quest takes a turn. After all, not everyone loves royalty or the earth court. Not to mention Tiana is encouraging people to "mess" with them, but not in so many words.

The second half of the chapter puts us with Kevighn, as his storyline and V and James' don't so much intersect as brush up against one another. Here we see that Kevighn still harbors feelings for Noli. He also isn't aware that she's left LA.

We also get mention of the dark court and the dark king. Bits of things are being dropped, things which will become important later (this chapter's a bit like an Easter egg hunt, can you find everything?)

This chapter was fun to write because a) I get to torture James and V a little, b) I start weaving together things as the plot thickens, pulling in this and that as the storylines start to brush up against each other or outright intertwine.

Noli and company are headed to Denver. Kevighn's headed to Denver. Hmmmm....

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